You might see some things in my vlogs and wonder where you can get them or something like it. Below are some of the things you'll find in my home and of course I had to add some other things that I love too. Happy shopping!

My Home is my Haven

My home is combination of new and old. Since it is small, I try to only have things I truly love so that I can display it nicely in my home. Of course there are times when I get piles of paper and toys everywhere. My home is definitely lived in and not always camera-ready. But if I do happen to leave something out, I try to choose things that are stylish and make me happy to use them. Why not have something beautiful and functional?

It is definitely a work in progress and things are constantly changing and being moved around. As a stay-at-home mom, I get to work slowly to turn this house into a home. I hope that you enjoy seeing the transformation.